Meanings of names in Doom, Heretic and Hexen

Only expected version: 1 July 2000

Except where stated, these meanings are from the Concise Oxford Dictionary, eighth edition (1990).
ambulatoryplace for walking, esp. aisle or cloister in church or monastery
apostateone who renounces a former belief
aquiferlayer of rock or soil able to hold a lot of water
azuredeep sky-blue
cacodemonevil spirit
catafalquedecorated framework for supporting coffin
Circe[not in COD, this is from Infopedia:]
Witch from Homer’s Oddesey who turned Oddesius’ crewmen into pigs.  (Hmm, she must have been let loose in Duke Nukem 3D...)
colonnaderow of columns
confluencewhere two rivers meet
cruciblesevere test or trial
demesnesovereign’s domain (ruled directly, not as a satrapy)
dragonmythical fire-breathing flying reptile
effluviumunpleasant odour
foetid(or fetid, especially in US) unpleasant odour
griffinmythical creature with eagle’s head/wings and lion’s body
heresiarchleader of an heretical sect
Hydratyr[not in COD; probably a made-up name]
hypostylehaving a roof supported by pillars
keepcastle guardhouse
lich[not in COD, the following is a remembrance from elsewhere:]
dead wizard brought back to life, possessing enormous power
mansehouse of a church minister
mausoleumlarge, grand tomb
mawgeographical feature resembling open jaws
merelake (archaic)
necropolisancient burial place (literally “city of the dead”)
ophidianreptile of the suborder Serpentes, e.g. a snake; snakelike
ossuarycave in which ancient bones are found
perditioneternal death; damnation
portalgateway esp. large, elaborate one
rampartdefensive wall; walkway on the top of such a wall
refectorycommunal dining-hall, esp. in a monastery
revenant[from Infopedia] One who has returned from, or as if from, the dead
seminarytraining college, esp. of and for a religious order
sepulcher(UK sepulchre) tomb, esp. one cut into or built of stone, or built of brick
skeintangle or confusion, as of a dropped ball of yarn
vivariumartificial environment for keeping animals in approximately their natural conditions
were-(of werewolf, weredragon etc.) one who sometimes changes from a human to the given creature, or back again.  (N.B.  a creature of human-level intelligence but permanently a wolf is a warg, not a werewolf.)
winnowingthe process of eliminating that which is inferior